Thursday, July 29, 2010

Babysitting Panic

Since bringing the angels home (three homecomings so far, counting the hotel jaunts), I've been wondering about the 3-month restriction on taking the kids to restaraunts, malls, and other basic first-world locales. Mainly, I've been wondering how not to feel trapped into lugging around a lot of equipment. In short, I've been thinking about babysitters for those special occasions when the in-laws are no longer in-state.

I mean, what babysitter in his/her right mind would take on a set of *twins* at any price? I'm somewhat relieved by a discussion on CAMOM, which we joined shortly before the birth, in which Barbara asks the going rate for babysitting four children, and J. A. recommends her sitter:
"I pay $12/hour for four kids ages 9,9,5,5. I also usually give her a tip."

Kinda puts things in perspective, thus reducing my house-arrest panic.