Sunday, January 15, 2012

Great Fathers of Twins: Desmond Howard

One of the pleasures of my senior year at the University of Michigan was watching Desmond Howard have one of the most incredible seasons in college football history. Howard, also a senior, graduated with our class, and we shared a graduation ceremony. (It was funny to hear people criticize him for leaving school "early". If you can get a degree in four years while being a standout athlete, that's not early.) I was happy when he went to my Washington Redskins, though that didn't work out as well as anyone hoped.

Still I've followed his career with some interest, and I follow him on Twitter. My interest was piqued yesterday when he tweeted,
Picked up my 5 yr olds and 1 says,"I watched a movie on MLKJr today,I wanna use your iPad to learn more about him before I play"
My interest was piqued. Now, "5 yr olds" -- there's more than one way to go about it, but the most straightforward way is twins. Could it be? We share so much already -- Michigan, class of 1992, Super Bowl MVP (kidding), could we also have the twin father bond?

Looks like it.  Further, he met his wife in DC while with the Redskins, so I guess that worked out well enough after all.

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