Saturday, February 20, 2010

Let's Start With One and See How That Goes

As an only child, I've always had a bit of a bias towards the idea of having just one kid.  Not that I've been set on it, but since I turned out pretty well, I thought the idea should at least be given some consideration.  Christina, on the other hand, has wanted a bigger family.

My standard response throughout our marriage has been, "Let's start with one and see how that goes."  I have probably been a bit smug about the cleverness of this answer, as it concedes everything and nothing.  On the one hand, I seem open to the idea of more kids.  On the other hand, it kicks the decision down the road to the point at which we might be a bit overwhelmed with diapers, sleep deprivation and parental anxiety.

By the time we found out we were going to have a child, I was both thrilled at the idea of having one and so grateful, two or more seemed worth the future.  I was very excited at the first ultrasound opportunity to see our child.  When the doctor pointed out, unexpectedly, that there were actually two kids on the screen, I started laughing.

And laughing, and laughing.  Really it was quite uncontrollable.  And, in retrospect, not a good idea to do anything that would prolong an uncomfortable exam for my wife and make it more uncomfortable with contagious laughter.  But how else could I respond?  I think I retained a nervous giggle the whole car ride home.  "Twins."  Wow.

So now that we know we're having twins, we have to ask ourselves whether we want more later.  My feeling?  Let's start with two and see how that goes.

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