Saturday, February 13, 2010 Intro

Before we start posting some actual content on this site, I wanted to make it clearer what we are doing, and what we aren't doing. We aren't here to post cute pictures of twins. If you already have twins, I'm sure you have plenty yourself. If you are merely expecting twins, head over to and go to the twin forums. The one time I tried that, pretty much everybody appended pictures to their posts. Seriously, what is up with that? Just because I might have a question about twins, I want to see pictures of your kids?

What we will discuss is the panic inherent in expecting, and having, twins. How am I going to handle this? What is going to happen to my life? Are my kids going to be OK? Am I going to spend the next 18 years listening to stupid comments from strangers? I'm sure there are other topics I need to be panicking about but I don't even know what they are yet. Time to go panic about that.

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  1. OK, so I've never had twins. There's lots I can't imagine or talk about. I'm completely in awe and understand your panic. (Also can't stop laughing!) But I assure you, the moment they are born you will completely understand the urge to share photos of them. In fact, I can't wait to see your photos. Meanwhile, yes, you can expect years and years of stupid questions. Lauren was 2 1/2 when Emma was born, but by the time Emma could sit up in the double stroller people asked if they were twins. So no doubt the questions you get will be even stupider. One thing for sure, the kids of 2 mensas will ask terribly smart questions that will keep you entertained. That should make up for everything else. Enjoy every moment, starting now. love, Pam R